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PTFE Adhesive Tapes

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PTFE Adhesive Tapes

PTFE Adhesive Tapes are fiberglass fabrics impregnated with PTFE, then coated with silicone or acrylic adhesive on one side.

Silicone pressure adhesive can resist temperature of -40~260 degrees while acrylic adhesive resist temperature of -40~170 degrees. We offer this PTFE Adhesive tape with or without yellow PVC liners in width of 1m, 1.2m or 1.25m, while the width of PTFE Adhesive Tape can be customized accordingly with PE or Paper inner core.

With the property of high temperature & chemical resistance, non stick and low friction coefficient surface, this product is widely used in LCD, FPC, PCB, packing, sealing, battery manufacturing, dying, aerospace and mold releasing or other industries。

PTFE Glass Adhesive Tapes

  PTFE Glass Adhesive Tape(without liner) 
Adhesive TypeCategoryTotal Thickness (mm)Width (mm)Adhesion (N/cm)
YS7008AJ-ESONESilicone PSAPremium0,135-6005
YS7010W-ESONESilicone PSAIndustrial0.155-6005
YS7011AJ-ESONESilicone PSAIndustrial0,165-6005
YS7013AJ-ESONESilicone PSAPremium0,185-6006.4
YS7025AJ-ESONESilicone PSAPremium0.305-6006.4

PTFE Film Adhesive Tapes

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  PTFE Film Adhesive Tape 
Adhesive TypePTFE Film Thickness (mm)Total Thickness (mm)Width (mm)Adhesion (N/cm)
YS7908-ESONESilicone PSA0.050.085-5002.2
YS7913-ESONESilicone PSA0.090.135-5003.2

PTFE Glass Adhesive Tape (with yellow liner)

PTFE Adhesive Fabric Premium Series
StyleStandard Width(mm)  
Please ask for other widths
Backing Thickness (mm)Total Thickness (mm)Weight
Tensile Strength Warp/Fill
YS7008AJ-ESONE1000, 12500.080.131554.4104/98
YS7013AJ-ESONE1000, 12500.130.182705.4240/200

PTFE Zone Tapes

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